Ron Hodson

Senior pastor

Pastor Ron was born in Southern California to a family that attended a Catholic church. When in his mid-teens his father stopped going to church because “it is full of hypocrites”, Ron stopped going to church all together. He spent several years running for the Lord, believing he was still a Christian, yet not feeling a need to go to church, read his bible, or live a life that was pleasing to the Lord. He was a CINO (Christian In Name Only)!

It was in the winter of his 35th year that he realized his hypocrisy. God made it abundantly clear that in order to be saved and spend eternity with Him, Ron needed to have a meaningful relationship with his Savior, not just giving Him lip service. Ron started to attend a Lutheran church in Irvine, CA, then later when he moved to Temecula, CA, he found another Lutheran church waiting for him. Ron is grateful for the spiritual growth provided him by that denomination, but wanted a church that would help him go deeper in his desire to know God through His word. That led him to Calvary Chapel, were the word is taught line by line, precept upon precept.

Fast forward to now, and God has Pastor Ron at a beautiful church in Dickinson, ND, teaching the Word and ministering to a wonderful flock, with his wife Stephanie serving as worship leader and women’s ministry leader.

stephanie Hodson

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